Hello, I’m Justin McKeating, a writer based in Brighton. I used to have a political blog called Chicken Yoghurt which I wrote from 2005 to 2012ish, was liked by a few people, and is remembered fondly by even fewer.

In 2005, The Guardian said I was a member of “the new commentariat”. Many, including me, disagreed. Still, I was on the paper’s front page which pleased my Mam.

I also used to write for the now sadly defunct and much missed (by me at least) The Friday Thing, and also occasionally at the excellent The Sharpener and The Guardian’s Comment is Free.

In 2006, The Friday Project asked me to curate The Blog Digest 2007 which collected what I thought was some of the best writing by bloggers at the time. Not many people bought it but I was proud of it and glad to be able to showcase writers I admired. You can still get it on Amazon for a couple of quid.

Currently, I write for Greenpeace International on nuclear issues on their Nuclear Reaction blog. I also tweet at @nukereaction.

And now I’m writing fiction. You can see how I’m getting on and if there’s anything you like here.

Want to know anything else? I live with my wife, two daughters, a dog and a hangover. I like beer, Star Wars, Etnies trainers, le cinéma de Jason Statham, and several other signifiers of a desperately deferred adulthood.

You can email me at justinmckeating AT gmail DOT com or find me on Twitter at @JustinMcKeating.